kép1Art director & founder: Mónika Frey Prepeliczay

After obtaining a degree in interior design at the KREA Contemporary Art School of Budapest, I established the Frey Interior Design studio.

As an interior designer what I regard as my greatest task is implied by our studio’s motto: to enchant interior space with soul; to create an organic, harmonious space with the optimal colours, patterns and interior design elements. By conjuring up a mutual concept, I tune myself in to the thoughts of the client. Like an extended hand, I help create and implement the concept of the client with professional know-how and experience, and generate ideas together so that in unison we can elaborate a great plan.

I constantly follow and study the works of classical and contemporary Brazilian designers, and by having had the opportunity to interview them in person, I can get closer to their works. I also incorporate items of Brazilian design furniture into the Frey Interior Design project and on request I procure them for the customer.

I believe every object around us is in contact with its immediate surroundings. In order that these objects should be in harmony with their owners and giving off positive energy, it is necessary that they blend in seamlessly with their surroundings. Everything finds its place according to use and function, thus giving life to a lifeless space. In order for a dream to become reality in the quickest, most practical and economical way, the right professional help is required. We are a team that conjures up a dream together with the client and implements it in the most satisfying way.


Founder, art director, interior designer: Mónika Prepeliczay Frey

Architectural designer, consultant: Lilla Takáts

Kitchen specialist: Gabi Bozsó

Graphic designer: Veronika Tamás

Architectural visualisation: Miklós Déri

Implementer, project manager: Ottó Siklódi

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