Every project is a unique challenge, a singular work of art realising the client’s dream and is brought to life via the added energies of several craftsmen, co-designers and eventually becomes reality as the result of mutual, coordinated teamwork.                  Frey Interior Design /

The design process takes place at two locations: in Hungary and in Brazil. Impressions gained though travel, imprints of different cultures and experiences gained at foreign professional exhibitions are all reflected in the works of the studio.

The leading designer of the studio identifies with Brazilian design through her insightful experiences in Brazil. The meaning of the word “Brazil” does not only imply the country within its borders but also a way of thinking and feeling: joyous, natural, emotional, dynamic yet easy-going. These deep impressions are present during the design process and also appear in the use of certain elements.

+cultural roots: implying the useof works by contemporary artists that reflect history, research, information and bear the imprint of an era or a big name, or representing a culture in its purest forms and materials.

+utilising the most natural form: the fewer steps there are between an object and its original form, the closer the relationship.

+design to fall for: it oozes the lives of the people who live within it, no matter what intention brought it to life, there is always a fundamental idea within it that belongs to us and therefore we love it.

+functionality: beside the aesthetics, it gives the shape to the parts that we need and makes our every day activities more efficient.

+beauty: giving a harmonious picture to space; the organic appearance of perfect patterns and colours, which makes every day life even more beautiful.

+positive thinking: reflecting the promise of a life full of happiness and joy.

+environmentally friendly materials and furniture

+technology: selecting the right materials, the recycling of materials and energy efficiency, while utilising technology towards this goal.

+accessibility: is not solely driven by creativity and technological aspects but also the accessibility that is integrated into people’s lives.

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